There is an aged care crisis in Australia.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s interim report has now been handed to the Government.

The Interim report can be found here

The Royal Commission’s interim report laid bare the disturbing state of Australia’s aged care system.

Australia’s aged care system is broken. There is not one part of Australia’s aged care system that isn’t impacted by crisis.
Over 100,000 older Australians are currently waiting for aged care at home for a Home Care package with wait times now more than two years for the highest levels of care.
There aren’t enough aged care workers and they aren’t paid enough. Australia is far from having the workforce that is required to care for our ageing population.

Labor is urgently calling on the Morrison Government to act now on aged care.

While Labor is prepared to work constructively with the Morrison Government to progress long-term reform challenges.

There are three things the Royal Commission says it must address now to fix Australia’s broken aged care system:

  1. Ensure older Australians are getting the care at home when they need it most.
  2. End the overreliance of chemical restraints in aged care.
  3. Stop the unacceptable number of young people entering residential aged care.

The Morrison Government must now act on what we know is broken today, rather than waiting until the Royal Commission’s final report in November 2020.

Older Australians and their loved ones can’t afford to wait any longer.

You can add your support to our online petition here.

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