Let’s finish the Diamond Creek Trail 'Missing Link'

At a time when our national economy is showing clear signs of slowing it is crucial that the MorrisonGovernment support local jobs and businesses and invest in good local infrastructure projects.

The completion of the `missing link’ in the Diamond Creek Trail would connect the townships of Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge to the broader trail network.

Completing this link would create an unbroken, 55km trail extending from the Yarra Ranges all to the Melbourne CBD and beyond. Once completed, it is estimated that the trail will be used by 360,000 walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse riders per year.

It is expected to bring in more than $30 million in economic benefits and would bolster tourism across the wider Yarra Ranges region.

Completion of the trail also provides opportunity for commuters to switch to an active mode of transport, resulting in further health and social outcomes including reduced congestion, vehicle operating costs, noise and air pollution.

It is expected the project will create more than 30 full time jobs.

We need to get this project completed.

Sign up to our petition to tell the Morrison Government to help complete this project and support local jobs, businesses and infrastructure.

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