JAGAJAGA Team Spirit Award 2020

It’s been such a difficult time for our local sporting clubs.

To recognise and celebrate club members who have gone above and beyond to keep team spirit alive during this pandemic, I’m taking this year’s Jagajaga Sporting Awards online.

The efforts by many people to keep their Club community engaged and their spirits up has been so important.

I know there have been so many ways you have all been doing your part.

I invite you to nominate someone from your club to receive a Jagajaga Team Spirit Award, so we can highlight and celebrate them.

This might include someone who has:

  • Kept club members and their club community up-to-date;
  • Worked on Covid safe plans for the club; or
  • Kept up or helped deliver training remotely.

I’ll be celebrating our awards winners on social media and each winner will be sent a certificate.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate somebody.

Kate Thwaites
Federal Member for Jagajaga

NOMINATOR’S CONTACT DETAILS (person doing the nominating):

NOMINEE’S CONTACT DETAILS (person or group being nominated):

Why do you think this person or team deserves special recognition?
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