I am a proud supporter of sporting clubs in my electorate. From Ivanhoe all the way up to Kangaroo Ground, some of the best local sport in the country is played in Jagajaga, and it is essential that we continue to encourage our kids to put their hands up and get involved with sporting activities in our communities. That’s why I was thrilled to see so many recipients from Jagajaga in the latest round of the Local Sporting Champions grants. A total of 12 young athletes from Jagajaga represented their clubs and the state in national championships across the country, and they were assisted by funding from the Commonwealth government. I was really pleased to meet with some of these young people, with Nicholas from Banyule Tennis Club and with Oli from Research Lower Plenty Baseball Club. It was a real pleasure to talk with them about their sporting endeavours, and I know they are doing very well.

I also want to acknowledge Heidelberg local Madi Fox, who represented team Victoria in swimming at the Special Olympics National Games in Tasmania. I am thrilled to report that Madi came in first place in her medley relay, backstroke and freestyle races. It is just such a fantastic effort by Madi and by the whole team.

Of course, I do want to give a shout-out to all of the coaches, to the teammates and to the parents, who make all of this possible and who volunteer their time, their energy and their effort in supporting young people in our community and communities across the country through their sporting journeys. They all make us proud every day.

As part of the Youth Voice in Parliament initiative from Raise Our Voice Australia, I’ve received the following from Dylan Vigilante in my electorate, and I’m please to present it to the parliament. Dylan says:

Seeing the new Parliament of Australia invokes many emotions in me, but the one I want to share today is hope.

Hope that I will have a Parliament that considers the young people of Australia and will accomplish what we all as young people set out to do, whether it be climate action, safe working conditions or Indigenous equality.

I hope the new Parliament will fight for this with the same passion we all fight with.

I’ve seen and experienced many issues within Australia as a young person and having a Parliament that doesn’t just listen but acts on the calls of the younger generation is something that the Australian Parliament must do.

To truly represent the people of Australia, all people; whether you are a first Australian or someone who only recently called this country home, I hope they are heard.

I hope the Parliament will strive to listen and act on all that my generation has to offer.

Thank you to Dylan for those comments. I’m really pleased and proud that our government is putting a lot of effort into hearing the voices of young people in this place, including Minister Aly’s initiative to set up a youth steering committee, which I understand youths from across the country expressed interest in being part of. It’s a fantastic initiative.

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