“I believe that the work we do in Parliament often seems to be at its most effective when we – the people’s elected representatives – move ourselves away from being the centre of the story.

When we listen, open ourselves up to conversations, and give voice to the people whose stories have not been heard.”

– Kate Thwaites MP

Kate was elected as the Federal Member for Jagajaga at the 2019 Federal Election.

She grew up in Rosanna and now lives with her family in the area. Kate is a former ABC TV and Radio News Reporter and has held senior roles at Oxfam and in the Victorian Public Service.

She worked for Jenny Macklin to help deliver important Labor reforms, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Paid Parental Leave. Kate ran for Parliament because she believes we need new energy to tackle the big challenges facing us.

We are facing a climate emergency – and our community has made that clear. The urgent need to act on climate change is one of the biggest issues raised by local residents. She and Labor believe that we should be investing in a job creating renewable energy future, urgently reducing emissions and protecting our local environment.

Kate also ran to tackle the other serious challenges that face our country; rising social inequality, constitutional recognition of Australia’s First Peoples and fixing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

She is passionate about supporting families to manage the juggle of work and home, and promoting the need for a cultural shift in Australia’s workplaces so that they are no longer built on the premise that there’s a wife at home who takes on the role of primary carer.

And as a former ABC reporter she also understands just how vital it is that we have a strong and properly-funded public broadcaster. She will always fight for a strong and independent ABC.

“Labor started making it easier for parents to juggle work and family when we introduced Paid Parental Leave. It has made a huge difference in the lives of many Australians, but there is more work to be done…

We need to tell a new story about the important role that men can play as carers at home, so that men who want to take that opportunity feel that they can do so – without being viewed as a ‘unicorn’.”

– Kate Thwaites MP

Kate is standing up for our local hospitals, schools and TAFEs, protecting Medicare, the ABC and making sure our community gets its fair share.

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