Over the past few weeks I have been really pleased to join community groups and people in Jagajaga taking full advantage of summer to get out and about and be active. Last Saturday, I joined the member for Eltham, Vicki Ward and hundreds of other people at the QWere St festival in Montmorency. This was a fabulous event showing our community’s inclusivity and our support for the LGBTQI+ community. I want to say thanks to Banyule council, all the store holders, the wonderful performers and the Montmorency Traders Association, in particular Anna and Yvette, for all of their work putting this great event together.

Last week, I visited the Diamond Valley Athletic Club in Greensborough, down at Willinda Park, and the club members were training hard and gearing up for the power play competition, which was on last weekend. I am pleased to report that their preparation was worth it. The club topped the day, and they’re now leading the competition with only a few more rounds to go. I would like to think it was my pep talk at training that really spurred them on to victory. A huge congratulations to all the people that were involved in that.

I’m really pleased that I’ve also been able to support the club with a recent volunteer grant. Thank you to some of the club’s long-serving volunteers, Lyn and Max, who gave me such a warm welcome when I visited. They’ve done so much to build a club that doesn’t just get excellent results but is also inclusive of young people in our community. We are really fortunate in Jagajaga to have all these people striving to make our community a really inclusive place.

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