Jagajaga is a community of proud volunteers and proud community organisations. I’d like to especially acknowledge the work of BANSIC, who do amazing work to support people in the local community, including through their much-loved op shop at the Macleod shops. BANSIC also do great work through their food hub in West Heidelberg, which is providing food assistance to people in need in my community and in surrounding communities. If there is someone who needs food relief, the hub is there with frozen food, ready-made meals or fresh produce from our local groups like SecondBite and the Macleod Organic Community Garden. I know they pay particular attention to trying to get people food that they need and that is culturally appropriate. I commend them for that.

I commend all the BANSIC volunteers who turn up there every week to make sure that people are getting the food relief they need. Kate Farrelly leads the team there. It was great to be able to visit them the other week because, while they really stepped up through COVID and thought that that was their busy time, they continue to be busy as prices are rising and people in our community continue to be in need. So thank you to BANSIC.

Congratulations to them. I know they had a big fundraising event on the weekend, which I couldn’t make, unfortunately. I hear it was a great success, bringing together classic cars and coffee at the Bell Street Mall. Well done to all involved.

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