Over the past eight years, we have seen time and time again that the Andrews Labor government has delivered for Victoria, and it’s delivered for my communities in Jagajaga. Whether it’s record investments in infrastructure, making the big social policy reforms, or supporting local facilities and organisations, the Andrews Labor government has been doing what matters.

In my community, the strong advocacy of our local state MPs—Anthony Carbines, Colin Brooks and Vicki Ward—has led to important investments that benefit locals: the removal of the Rosanna level crossing and the commitment for the one at Macleod to go; the rebuilding of the public transport hub in Greensborough, including the train station and bus interchange; the Diamond Creek Trail extension; and, of course, countless upgrades to schools, kinders, sporting clubs and our community infrastructure. They aren’t slowing down; they’ve got more to do.

But, of course, we know there is—and there was—an alternative approach. We haven’t forgotten the cuts we saw the last time the Liberals were in power in Victoria. In my community, this included trying to shut down the Greensborough TAFE. What a disgrace! From in this place, we remember the former Liberal government here with the former Treasurer who was from Victoria, but not for Victoria. Well, we’ve now got a Treasurer who wants to deliver for Victoria and deliver in partnership with the Labor government in Victoria. We need the Andrews government re-elected so that we can work together to deliver for Victoria.

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