Jagajaga Community Volunteer Awards 2021

Saturday 1st May, 2021
10.00am - 11.30am
Viewbank Secondary College Performing Arts Centre
1 Warren Road, Viewbank

Last year was a very difficult year for so many local community groups as you balanced between serving our community whilst protecting your volunteers.

Many of you found it very challenging to function during this time.

To reflect the wonderful efforts of your volunteers during these difficult times I invite you to nominate for this year’s Jagajaga Community Awards.

Due to current covid restrictions we currently ask that you nominate no more than three people from your organisation.

In accordance with any updated covid restrictions closer to the event, we will advise you of allowable event attendance size.

Nominate A Community Hero!

This annual local award recognises the efforts of individuals and groups who selflessly volunteer their time and effort to make our community – and our nation – a better place.

Applicants must:

Nominator’s Contact Details (person doing the nominating):

Nominee’s Contact Details (person or group being nominated):

Nominations must be received by 5.00pm, Friday 9th April 2021

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