One of the things that makes my local community so special is our community spirit, and this is demonstrated best by our passion for volunteering. From parents helping out at their child’s sporting club or scouts group, to people taking a pensioner to do their shopping or out for a coffee at a cafe, to volunteers at BANSIC or DVCS helping organise food for people in need, this is just a snapshot of the countless ways people in Jagajaga support each other, strengthen connections and make our area a better place.

At every opportunity it can, this government is supporting volunteers and organisations like these to keep doing this important work. That’s why I am pleased to confirm that the Jagajaga volunteer grants are back once again. It is a favourite program of local groups in my community, and I know that they will be very pleased at its return. Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 are available. These help local organisations to better support their hardworking volunteers. In the past, in Jagajaga we’ve had previous rounds that have helped local groups to buy equipment for their volunteers. They’ve been providing training opportunities and even reimbursing things like fuel costs during volunteers’ community service. At a time when we know volunteering is at a premium and the need is at a premium, if you are part of a local community group, I do encourage you to reach out to my office, visit my website or take a look at my social media to find out how these grants can help your group. This is important, and we do want to support it.

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