I recently met with the Heidelberg Historical Society, a local community group with a dedicated

passion for understanding and preserving the history of Heidelberg and our wider community.

They are building a place for objects, documents and artefacts that explain our history.

Some members of this group have dedicated their entire working lives to local history, and

others have a keen interest and have picked up skills along the way. Their collection includes

maps, brochures, community group minutes and members lists.

Their current exhibition features a historical quilt from the mid-1890s, which they’ve used to

unpick the story of many local families and businesses from that time.

I commend president Jenn Burgess and the executive, who have worked tirelessly to create

a fun, educational and welcoming environment.

The wonderful collections at the museum currently don’t have museum standard preservation,

with no climate control and limited storage.

I know that in the coming years I will be looking to support them to ensure they can take the

best care of this collection and support them with applications for grants when the time is right.

I look forward to working closely with this group into the future.




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