The annual Jagajaga Resilience Awards give me an opportunity to recognise students in our community who’ve set an example through their capacity to adapt and respond to challenges. They may have overcome personal difficulties or hardship, or they’ve supported others in their school and the community to be resilient throughout the year. These students sometimes may fly under the radar but, through this award, I and our community can recognise them for showing others the way forward and for being a role model.

So I’d like to congratulate the students who received the Jagajaga Resilience Award this year: Bronwyn Knight from St Helena Secondary College, Zoe Hanvey from Loyola College, Devlin Moore from Montmorency Secondary College, Krishna Mollick from Waratah Special Development School in Bellfield, Charlotte Slattery from Catholic Ladies College in Eltham, Sophie McGregor from Our Ladies of Mercy College in Heidelberg, Jackson Bawden from Greensborough College, Aidan Wiseley from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Oscar Ferrante from Parade College in Bundoora, and Gabrielle Richards from Viewbank College. It’s been wonderful to hear all of your stories, both of what you’ve achieved this year and of your hopes for the future. You’ve all shown amazing strength, and I hope this award recognises that and celebrate your efforts.

I also recognise and thank all the year 12 students in my community for their efforts this year. Congratulations. I know you’ve got a great future ahead of you.

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