Today I’m sharing an email I received from a local, Petre. He says:

Recently I saw on the TV news how the current leader of the opposition said that he wants to introduce nuclear power stations in Australia.

Petre says:

It made me really upset (I am 70 years old), because I lost my dear mother to leukaemia in the northern summer of 1966 as a result of a nuclear accident which happened in 1957 in the then USSR.

As a boy I went to visit my mother in hospital and I saw over 40 women who had the same disease as my mother. The leader of the opposition should go and visit the abandoned human habitation close to Fukushima in Japan.

Also he can go to Ukraine and see who lives anymore at Chernobyl.

My constituent says:

I agree with our Government to introduce solar power and wind generated electricity, as in the long run it would be cheaper than nuclear power, and people won’t be forced to leave their place to go somewhere else in case of nuclear accident.

He asks:

Please present my worries to the Australian Parliament about the Opposition plans to destroy my grandchildren’s future.

Petre, I have done so.

Of course, my constituent is not alone. The Leader of the Opposition’s plans for nuclear are ridiculously expensive, unachievable and unwanted.


Click here to watch this speech.

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