The past few years have shown us that when the going gets tough we can rely on this Prime Minister not being there—on this government and this Prime Minister failing to take responsibility and to do their jobs. Whether it’s failing to take action on climate change, failing to get us vaccines when we need them, failing to keep older Australians in aged care safe or failing to make sure that wages are keeping up with the cost of living, at every stage this Prime Minister and this government have failed to do their job. Today’s budget seems to be more of the same: a short-term political fix focused on Scott Morrison’s future but not the future of our country.

My community is tired of it. They did their part through all these difficult years of the pandemic. They deserve a government and a Prime Minister that will do their part and that are prepared to take responsibility and do their jobs. They deserve a Labor government that believes climate change is real and will take action on climate change. They deserve cheaper child care to make it easier for families to juggle work and caring. They deserve a government that gets that we need to protect and strengthen Medicare and that we should all be able to see a doctor when we need to. They deserve a government that will fix and protect the NDIS instead of leaving families lying awake at night worrying about their children’s future. They deserve a genuine national anticorruption commission. They deserve a Labor government.

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